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Nutrition Advice for Fat Loss and Size?


Sup Y’all.

This is a somewhat-long post entailing the minute details of a 16 week training program I’ve put together for myself. I’ve been training for about 5 years. I’m hoping a 10+ year veteran - or a few - will chime in with an experience-based opinion.

Mass. I’m subscribed to a bodybuilding approach to training. Strength is nice, but not a priority. Ideally I’d like to lower my body fat percentage while bulking. Isn’t that we all want?

24 Years Old
16% Body Fat
170 <> 180lb Lean Body Mass

Short Daily Diet Breakdown:
3000 Calories
200+ grams of protein
350 grams of carbohydrates (Mostly complex)
100+ grams of fats (Mostly monounsaturated and MCT’s)
Minimum of 4L of water per day

Long Diet Breakdown
I alternate a core meal every two weeks. Mainly to switch carbs sources to shock my energy systems. I don’t really get bored easily. I’ve ate oats everyday for years. See below for my meals.

THIS is what I want you guys to tear up. Put the diet under a microscope. It probably needs work.

Week 1 & 2

Week 2 & 3

Daily Supplementation
1000mg Omega 3-6-9
Orange Triad Multivitamins (Check these out)
MuscleTech Creatine (I’ll probably start at 5g per day then ramp up)
MuscleTech BCAAs (3-4 servings a day)
Caffeine < 200mg

Training Split
Weekly Muscle Group Split
Sunday - Legs
Monday - Chest, Triceps & Abs
Tuesday - Back, & Biceps
Wednesday - Legs & Abs
Thursday Shoulders & Triceps
Friday - Arms & Abs
Saturday - Rest Day
*Everyday (Except Sat) - Calves

Monthly Training Style Split
Week 1 - Heavy Week 1
Week 2 - Hypertrophy Week 1
Week 3 - Heavy Week 2
Week 4 - Hypertrophy Week 2 (Plateau Break)

Repeat x2 = 16 Weeks.

*Plateau Breaking for me is recognizing my weak areas and blasting them with movements for 50-some rep sets, ideally less than 6 pauses per set. There’s an article around here somewhere about this.

I’m not going to list specific exercises to keep the post length to a minimum. Training is my strong point. I know about proper elbow trajectory when rowing, mind things like pelvic tilt, I do front squats, Zottman curls and Yates rows. Let’s focus on the rest of the game.

Performance Enhancers
6 Weeks - Dianabol - 50mg daily
16 Weeks - Testosterone Cypionate - 750mg weekly
16 Weeks - Deca Durabolin - 500mg weekly

3 Weeks - hCG - 1,000lu’s 3 times per week
2 Weeks - Nolvadex - 50mg daily
Then, 2 Weeks - Nolvadex - 25mg daily


  1. I’m considering adding MCT oil to my daily meals.
  2. I work a sedentary desk job, weekdays, 9 to 5. I stop to train at 11am (After carb loading/2 meals). I’m a morning person.
  3. I’m new to the forum community, so tell me if I’m violating a rule, I’ll delete/move/edit/whatever the post.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a slight touch of OCD so I’ll give consideration to each and every recommendation you guys make. Heh heh.

Cheers & Thanks.


looks good! I would up the caffeine to 300mg at least, though. let us know how it goes.


Oh boy, at 24 and just want to cut 20ish pounds??

repost in the pharma forum hopefully theyll tear you a new one

FYI diet looks fine.


Diet looks good if being generally strong and healthy is the goal, could be improved with carb cycling to match energy expenditure… ie low rest days, med training days and a high day - with fats and protein changing per day accordingly.

Not to distract this too much from the diet, but as it has been mentioned…

As for the gear side of things I never recommend Deca to anyone - The prolactin issues can really F people up so get some Cabergoline/Dostinex on hand - Test and Tren would get my vote especially if you were hoping to lean up abit - Tren literally allows the body to handle more nutrients, the strength gains are fantastic and the prolactin sides seem to be rare if any despite Tren also being a 19nor compound - The combo of your chosen 3 compounds will give you good strength and mass gains with some water with it.

HCG should be ran on cycle at 250/300 3x per week at your level of compound use - Keep your balls firing through the cycle instead of trying to get them back during PCT - There is alot of conflicting advice and I too have ran it on PCT before - Check our advice out in the Pharma forum to revise.

Also, I hope you are running some Adex at 1mg eod at that level and not a SERM on cycle.

A 4 week PCT for a 16 week cycle is ridiculous… You need to be running Nolva 20mg ed for 8 weeks+ - Again there is conflicting advice - I have ran PCT’s of 4/5 weeks with higher dose Chlomid/Nolvadex but the research is better now with a better understanding - Lower dose SERMs for a longer duration work best…


Thanks man.

I’m not online everyday, but I’ll try to check in at least once per week with you guys.


Nope. The goal is to build some mass.


That’s good input man. I’m taking all of that into consideration. Thank you.