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Nutrition Advice for 52 Year Old Hard Gainer

Hoping to receive some advice from other lifters on how this hard gainer can put on weight. Current diet focuses on lean proteins, healthy fats and fibrous carbs (i.e. all sorts of vegetables). I don’t eat starchy carbs as I’ve found that when I consume starches, they add fat pounds to my weight.

I can’t seem to get beyond 150lbs. Prior to a lifting related back injury five years ago, I was at about 165lb which I was happy with (on a decently built 5’7" frame). But the injury has impeded my ability to lift heavy to this day and I’ve never been able to regain the weight I lost since that injury.

My workouts today, though much lighter in weight prior to injury, are still productive and challenging. However, I know I’m not eating enough to grow. I have a fast metabolism and sometimes even wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

I make all my meals from scratch, as this way I know what I’m eating. But it’s time consuming and because of the time involved, I just don’t get enough calories in. I don’t want to rely on processed foods to get the extra calories, or on ready to eat meal replacements shakes (very high in carbs).

I’ve been thinking of adding a lot of nuts to my daily diet, but wonder if this is a good solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

If you are trying to gain lean mass its tough to do without carbs. You might want to look into carb backloading, I think John Kiefer’s on to something. There is a link to a podcast with Keiffer and John Meadows in my log a page or two back if you are interested.