Nutrition 101 Help

Hi all!,

Just had a few nutrition questions for ya. I’ve heard that for recomp purposes the key to doing so is finding out your caloric dm and then cutting by 15% on non workout days and raising by 15% on lift days, I can’t rememver if it was 15 exactly but I’m sure you get my point .

Here’s my question, I’m using the underarmour app to track my calories and it’s suggesting a macro breakdown of 50% cals (401g), 30% fat(107g) 20% protein(161g)… I want to switch that right? And also is there such a thing as having too much protein in your diet? What can happen if so?

m 30/5’10/195/18.6% BF… I want some abs and to turn a few heads at the pool. So think more mirror beauty vs specific numbers being my goal, as long as I don’t have to return all of my clothes because they hang off me :grinning:

If you want pics:

Don’t all jump at once!

A good place to start is finding your daily calorie goal. Some general recommendations would be 1g/lb of BW of protein, 20-30% fat and fill the rest in with carbs. I’m sure you can find the exact same recommendations I’ve posted in at least 5 articles on this site, which is why people aren’t chomping at the bit to type this out for you. I’m clearly bored.

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