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Nutrisystem for Bodybuilders

Do you guys think a independent Nutrisystems-type company would be successful if it specialized in bodybuilder’s nutrition? It would, of course, have to be much more customer specific than the current businesses in that all macronutrients would have to be controlled dependent on the customers needs, but I don’t think that would be much of problem.

Honestly IMO No today there just arent enough people looking to be or interested in bodybuilding.

One to look like the skinny cover models or to shed tons of modern day blubber maybe but not one to be a bodybuilder. To much hard work and dedication and oh to damn masculine for today soceity. Big scary people the must be on “roids”

I agree, and the ones that are into hardcore bodybuilding, or even hardcore athletes don’t want to trust someone else with their nutrition needs, unless your one of the few big names that everybody listens to.

Your target audience is rather small. Not that many bodybuilders. Then consider the rather small percentage of those people who want to pay you to make their egg whites and chicken and whatever else they eat.

I don’t think it would fly.

i guess i’m one of the few who think it would work, and here’s why. while it’s true that the bodybuilding community is a very small percentage of the population, there are plenty of people who strive to emulate the aesthetics of a modern bodybuilder (albeit, to a much more modest degree). everyone i know who steps into a gym is basically trying to do the same thing - increase or maintain lbm and decrease bodyfat.

if there were truly a prepared food system that helped an individual meet those needs, then i think it eliminates (or at least eases) one more potential barrier.

i know lots of people who work out, but few who can manage a diet that leads to the aesthetics they want. and i have no doubt they’d pay money for quality prepared foods that helped the cause.

You might be able to sell it to executives who have the money to throw away, instead of the time to plan, shop, cook and carry.

I don’t know how many executives are seriously into working out though… because carrying around chicken breasts and protein shakes to high level meetings might be a little counter culture.

If they are hidden out there, and you get in front of them, maybe you can sell it as making it possible for them, too, negating the disadvantages they feel, such as severe time commitments at work which preclude having the time and energy to look after other details.

Just don’t know if there are any out there…

Aiming it towards bodybuilders and marketing it that way is a bad idea.

But if you were to market it to ATHLETES as a high calorie, high protein thing then you’d be okay, probably.

There are tons of active people out there that don’t have time to eat right.


[quote]powersavant wrote:
Do you guys think a independent Nutrisystems-type company would be successful if it specialized in bodybuilder’s nutrition? [/quote]

If your expectations are suitably modest, your product of high enough quality and you get an endorcement from someone prominent then I think you might have a chance. The biggest difficulty would be in reconciling the normally seperate qualities of nutrition and pre-packaged convenience.

If you could make a product that could manage a passing grade from someone as into whole foods as Berrardi, then I would be down for one or two meals a day from this, assuming the taste was tolerable and they weren’t $20 a pop. Cooking six plus meals a day isn’t hard. Cooking six plus meals a day with sufficient variety gets to be a pain in the ass.

I think it would work as long as the cost wasnt outrageous and there was enough available variety in food.
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