I was wondering if anyone has delved into this subject at all. I personally find it pretty fascinating but I am also unsure of where to find a larger wealth of information other than the little bit that i stumble on randomly.

For anyone who doesnt know nutrigenomics is concerned with how bioactive components within food affect gene expression and function. Also closely related is nutrigenetics which is the study of genes and the effects on the organismâ??s functional ability, specifically its ability to digest, absorb, and use food to sustain life.

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Epigenetics is a more broad term. Nutrigenomics is a more specific study of epigenetics where the focus is solely (or specifically) on bioactive components within food affect gene expression and function (which happens through epigenetic mechanisms. Epigenetics is an extremely fascinating topic as well. I did a lot of research into it for a large presentation i had to make at the end of my undergrad. I would love to get a degree in it as well as it is fascinating.

Along with being obese as a child you could be starved as well (dutch hunger winter) and have some very different epeigentic marks than someone who had a normal intake of food.

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I like them both but the focus of nutrigneomics is a lot more interesting as you are really still looking into epigenetics. You still need to know that.

Thanks BBB

Really interesting, glad this was mentioned

couple science daily tidbits.\

[quote]Mike T. wrote:
Really interesting, glad this was mentioned[/quote]

x2, thanks for posting this ryan

Just glad to see some others are interested. Feel free to post anything you run across. I would love to read additional things. Or discuss any of this.

Thanks for the info BBB, and ryan

My Alma Mater offers a few courses…

The University of Auckland seems to be actively involved as well…

Lucky you man. I am wondering if in med school we will cover this at all.

Heres another one that popped up. Pretty interesting.

Would love to see some more studiest on epigentics and working out.

Here’s an interview from a few years ago, Dr. Berardi talking with a nutrigenomics researcher:

Might be interesting info, even though it’s from 2008.

I remember reading that when i first started lurking this site. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Do you have access to scientific journals, or can you only read what’s freely available on the web?

I thought even though i graduated i would still get access to the journals i did when i college but i am finding that not to be the case. I will be in med school this fall though so i imagine i will again be able to browse through many journals free of a fee.

Word. Sometimes, you can find .pdf files of journal articles that don’t allow free access if your Google-fu is strong (and lucky) enough.

I’m taking a class on nutrition and gene expression that should touch on this subject around early April.

I have a few cool articles floating around my computer, so once I see what’s presented in that class I’ll dig them up and throw some links out there.

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Its an extremely interesting field. I read everything I can find on it…I only wish there was more to read. In my opinion, epigenetics hold the key to many of the chronic disease problems that we are currently saddled with as a society.[/quote]

Would you care to elaborate on that Modok?, e.g. mechanisms, how you think that may work, etc?

Also, any recommended reading on the subject that you’ve found beneficial?

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It is going to be one amazing feild of study once it really gets rolling. I just hope a lot of this information can get to the mainstream so people can finally realize it does matter what they put in their body.

Thanks for that info BBB. Do you know if the program can be found on the net?