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Nutrients RDA

Where can I find protein, carb and fat RDA ? Thanks.

There aren’t set values…just ranges or values based on bodyweight…Macronutrient breakdowns vary greatly.

Here are the general recommendations, though:

CHO- 45-65% total kcal (with no more than 25% of CHO from sugars & no more than 10% of CHO from added sugars)

FAT- 20-35% total kcal (close to even breakdown of sats. MUFAs, and PUFAs, but you’ll often see emphasis on MUFAs no more than 10% each of sats. and PUFAs.

PRO- 10-35% total kcal or .8g/kg (average) or 1.2-1.8g/kg (athlete)

Like I said, there’s no set number because people’s needs vary tremendously, but these are the official allowances/guidelines.