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Nutrient Timing

I know nutrient timing is a big topic right now and eating a post-workout meal is obvious, but if I take a protein shake such as Biotest Surge immediately before my workout is that going to decrease bloodflow to my muscles by increasing bloodflow to my gut for digestion?

Possiblyfor a short period of time but Surge is quickly digested and will be in the blood stream in no time. also You start working out and the body has no damn choice but to send blood to the muscles. ’

You will only have reduced blood flow to the muscles if you eat a large meal before working out. A protein shake that is digested quickly won’t affect blood flow to the muscles. Just don’t eat steak and potatoes and try to max out ten minutes later.

It is usually recommended to drink it 15-30 minutes before lifting, though, realistically, the Earth won’t be thrown out of orbit if you take it sooner.

Even if it DOES increase blood flow to your gut, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will result in a decrease in performance and results. Blood flow to worked muscles can increase as much as 500% during exercise (Nutrient Timing, pg 34), so I wouldn’t worry about depriving your muscles of it from a shake.

When stacked against the BENEFITS of pre-workout Surge (or any shake), any negative effects, if existent, are negligible at best.

a lot of us actually drink Surge before, during and after training. i decide how much i want to use at each part and mix up into two containers. i usually have the before/during in one and add creatine and greens+ to the postworkout one.

also, if i remember correctly, taking before is just as good as after, but both times obviously even better.