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Nutrient Timing


Berardi's articles cover this very extensively, but I'm still left wondering how to deal with nutrient timing on days when I have multiple workout sessions. I train for powerlifting -- Tate/Westside type routines. I train early mornings. I seem to have a good grip on the basic nutrient timing for my base workout days.

However, I frequently add-in accessory/supplemental workouts (short/intense 20-30 minute)in the afternoons and on some of my "off" days. My questions with regard to nutrient timing after these short supplemental workouts:

  • Should I still supplement with something like Surge for the during/post workout -- energy/anabolic phases?

  • Should I nutrient feed with P-C meals for the 4-6 hours after these short workouts also -- growth phase?


unless you are doing a huge amount of volume during these 20-30min sessions i don't think you need a full serving of surge. I'm not sure what the actual serving rec'ds are but I imagine they provide around 20/20 pro/cho. I think half of this(10/10 pro/cho grams) would serve you fine. I would preferably taking it 15 minutes BEFORE the training session though, just to halt muscle loss. And if you are really hardcore going after the muscle gains, do the same (10/10) afterwards also.

Even if you are doing an anabolic phase, I don't think extra workouts warrant meals 4-6 hours afterwards. I guess you could use them afterwards, but I really think the amount of benefit you would get from doing P+C over P+F's would be negliligible

these answers will be kinda off because i dont know your actual stats etc.etc. but they should be good guidlines


Sorry for the hijack, but while the topic is here:

The 4-6 hour 'growth phase'... is that as in, optimium growth, or your muscles only grow 4-6 hours after the workout and the day after shows no muscle gain?

Just interested...


Ben, no protein synthesis is elevated for 24-48 hours after a workout (see David Barr's recent article). Insulin sensitivity seems to also be increased for about 24 hours. However, the first several hours after a workout are probably when your body is most able to increase nutrient and energy utilization.