Nutrient Timing

I just finished reading JB’s excellent article on nutrient timing, which answered many questions I’ve had about during and post-workout ‘meals’.

However, one issue that I think was hinted at but never stated explicitly (I’m a guy. I don’t take hints) is how exactly this fits into your total nutritional requirements.

I think I can best illustrate with an example.

Pretend I weight 220 lb. (I wish); JB suggests I ingest 960 kcal during/after my workout. If I’m on a 3000 kcal/day diet, are those 960 kcal in addition to, or included with, my total caloric intake for the day?

Uh… Sorry if the question still isn’t clear, or if it’s a stupid newbie question. Either way, help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


If your maintenance is 3000, and you want to maintain your weight, then add those calories to that.

At the risk of beating a dead horse…

So on my workout days, I’d be ingesting 3960 kcals?

Thanks for the response,

If maintenance is 3000, and you wish to maintain your currant weight, then yes, you would eat that amount on workout days and 3000 on non-workout days.