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Nutrient Timing

Any of you guys or gals read this new book? John Berardi says it’s a must read. Also, have you guys heard anything about the new supplement, countdown? It’s a pwo dring.


The book, Nutrient Timing, is an excellent resource providing a very good description of what exactly happens during strength training workous as well as during the post workout period. The book echos what I’ve been writing about for a few years. Im happy that some mainstream scientists are confirming what I first wrote about back in Jan of 2001.

Of course, I was a consultant on the book’s development and have a few small contributions (I might have done more had I not been busy with the dissertation at the same time).

Now, with full disclosure in mind, Dr Portman, one of the co-authors, after studying the science of Nutrient Timing, decided to write this book and develop a product similar to PHL’s Endurox (PW for endurance geeks).

Dr Portman is director of Pacific Health Labs (a company that will be selling the product you mention - Countdown). Countdown, as I understand, will be a pw drink modeled after Surge. When comparing…

Countdown has whey protein and carbs in a 1:3 ratio. It also has extra leucine. Also, it has a bunch of antioxidants.

Surge has whey hydrolysates (which I personally prefer as I have an intolerance to straight whey and for other reasons) and carbs in a 1:2 ratio. Surge has a wack of all three BCAA, phenylalanine and glutamine. No antioxidants added.

So that’s the deal on both. Im not sure PHL’s press release is accurate in that they suggest theirs is the first PW drink designed to meet the needs of the strength athlete. But that’s neither here nor there. In the end, people have to learn to put marketing hyperbole aside and determine whether a product has science to back it and whether it works or not. And I think it’s clear now that PW drinks work.

In the end, both Surge and Countdown are excellent products but is there any surprise as to which I prefer? (Full disclosure again, I designed Surge based on research from my lab which is submitted to the Journal of Applied Physiology, Internationl Journal of Sports Medicine, and American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism).

GNC is selling Nutrient Timing, right? I got JB’s e mail about it like a month ago or so.

Oh yea, if you pop over to my site –


There’s a link for picking up the book online (it’s now available).

Thanks for the reply John. I did pick up some countdown and will try it. I will also be buying SURGE. The book definately sounds like one to get. Thanks for all the hard work and research you provide!!