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Nutrient Timing (The Book)


I was in at Borders the other day and came across this book ... i flipped through it briefly and thought it looked pretty good... i was endorsed by something like 10 ppl with PhD's Berardi included...

was just wondering if anyone on here had read it.. if its worth purchasing... as in are there more complete explanations than what i could find on this site... is ther more information.. is it sound info.. etc...


I have purchased and read the book, and its well worth its money. Good READ.


While it is a very good book (with sound info), a lot of what is written within (in regards to peri-workout nutrition) has been covered on this site (Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle comes to mind, for starters).

The book also contains some basic information in regards to various hormones (how/what they do as well as how nutrient timing will affect them), explains what, exactly, proteins/carbs/fats are (and lists some types), and even throws in some basic physiology in the later chapters. There is a (very simple) supplement overview, as well. Of course, day-to-day diet outlines are given, too.

While it wouldn’t make most followers of this site (who have done their reading, that is) drop their jaws or cream their pants, you will, most likely, learn a thing or two from it at some point. I found it to be a solid addition to my library and, at it’s price, I’m sure you would, too.


cool thanks guys… uve sold me on it