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Nutrient Timing System

Has anyone read this book?
It came out 1-2 yrs ago. I read it back then and applied this approach and good good results.

I used their W/O and post W/O powders too.

@ the end of rwading this book I wonder if it was published simply to help sell the powders.

I am actually in the middle of reading this book. Makes sense so far. Dr. John Beradi is also quoted in the book and he uses some of the same principles in his nutritional program.

On the downside, it seems they keep repeating the same info 100x. Ok, after the first 10x, I UNDERSTAND I need the proper nutrients w/in 45 minutes after working out. I don’t need you to tell me 90x more.

I agree.

But after reading it 100x it is cemented in your head.

Are you planning on trying their products?
Muscleade (during) , countdown (post) & protein ( after 45 mins)>
I’ve tried em all. Very tasty. Not much of a fan of the protein (after 45 mins. ) drink. But the muscleade (during) and countdown choc. ( post) are great!

You know how it talks about High G.I. foods before and after. Well I’m going to try that. I really havent paid much attention to what i eat before and after.

I’m going to try cornflakes, skim milk with honey on otop and a bagel. post w/o to spike my insulin levels