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Nutrient Timing For AM Workouts

I was reading in a book called “Body Sculpting For Men” and it said that you should workout 3 hours after a meal… Which left me kind of confused because i was alwasy told after a solid meal its good to wait 90 min before working out

My question is would my body recieve the nutrients it needs to power through workouts if I consume breakfast at a given time then 90 min later workout? or would i be working out in a catabolic state.

I’m begninning to think the book is junk bc it also said the best time to workout is in the morning bc your using fast storages instead of glycogen and it didnt emphasize the catabolic effect or anything…

So would working out 90 min after breakfast be ideal or should i wait longer?

Why would you even waste time with a book titled “Body Sculpting For Men?”

I got it for free damn

Eat for your goals. Hell im bulkimng now so I wake up and its one continuos meal all day including not only prior to but during my w/o.

The biggest thing to consider is if it/full belly effects how hard you work out etc. Need to strike a balance.