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Nutrient Timing / Endurance Events

Am I correct in saying that it’s best to have some sort of carb/protein drink or meal after an endurance event to restore glycogen levels and why not rather than right before to provide energy?

The reason I ask this is that I’ll be playing soccer (practice right after school) for school next year and might have to lift before school very early in the morning.

I’m thinking I’ll have 1 protein/carb meal about 1-2 hours after each workout as well as one drink (surge) during and immediately after lifting. Is that the right way to go to get 3 protein plus carb meals in with this schedule?

Hey bro, i feel where your comming from. I play soccer 3+ times a week on top of lifting. You gotta remember that when you want to gain weight you have to eat more calories then you burn.

I usually have pre/during drink thats about 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of carb protein. I figure i burn about 700-1000 calories a practice/game, so I usually eat a bit of a bigger pre-meal and concot a 500-700 calories sports drink to consume (over about 2 hrs). I also have a pwo drink of about 350 calories which is followed buy a P+F meal 1.5 hrs later.

This works for me, but keep in mind everyone is different.

You also may wanna keep in mind JB’s G-flux system. He believes that if you engage in a high amount of physical activity, then your body become much more efficient and require more calories. read up on his site, www.johnberardi.com . its in under article -> nutrition -> g-flux

Thanks for the link! I read the G-flux article and think that I’ll do something like that for the soccer season since I’ll be lifting and playing soccer. Might eat a little less though.

good stuff bra.