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Nutrient Ratios?


My daily macronutrient ratio is around-

3800-4200 cals
60-65% protein
15-20% carbs
15-20% fats

Anybody try any other ratios that work really well. I'm bulking so a little bodyfat won't kill me.


Lots of good info on this around, but, since your asking......

For me at least, the best ratio I have found, when trying to add mass, was\is, roughly 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. I find keeping the carbs high, and fats and protein equal, I feel the best in the strength and recovery area. I also notice the most growth.

At times I have pushed it to 50% carbs, 30 fat and 20 protein. In some cases, this works even better for me.

Oh, for reference, I average between 3800-4500 cals when adding mass. (I hate to use the word bulking, LOL).


I definately think you need to up the carbs and fats. 40-30-30 is much more conducive for bulking. Even 30-40-30! Plus, the additional carbs will help fuel you thru intense workouts to take full advantage of the extra cals.


Thanks for the tips.