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Nutrient Partitioners/Insulin Mimetics Still Good?

Is anybody still using Glycobol/Slin-sane or similar? I researched the crap out of these a couple months ago and bought 2 bottles of glycobol when on sale. I used a bottle with various dosing and they seemed to help with taking a crap and muscle pump the first couple weeks but that seemed to fade by the end of the bottle. I haven’t used much of the 2nd bottle So then I bought a bottle of Slin sane and have been trying that but I don’t get anything out of that so far.

I am surprised after all the good reviews I read, but the reason for my post is that almost all the posts on this forum and others are years old, I can’t find much recent so just seeing who’s still using them and if they think they are helping?

Thank you

The local favorite on these forums is probably https://biotest.t-nation.com/products/indigo-3g

Didn’t know that supps were still marketing with the steroid/drug implication built into the name like the ones mentioned.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that one when I was looking into these awhile back. I think they usually market as nutrient partitioners, but different ingredient for doing so than the Indigo.