Nutrient database on the net?

I can’t seem to find a decent database on the net that lists the protein, carb, fat and calories in different foods. There must be one out there, but I’ll be buggered if I can find it. I’d be really grateful if someone could tell me where there is one, Cheers.

The forum doesn’t allow URLs (or e-mail addresses) to be listed, but see if you can find a place called “ncenter.” It’s a COMercial site so I’m sure you can figure it out. Go to the section there called “Carbohydrate Charts”. It lists everything else too.

Thanks Chris. I’m sure I’ll find it. I forgot that we couldn’t post URL’s - DOH!

I use a product called Health-RunR that has a very large database of foods, then you can add your own. They also give micronutrient tracking ability in addition to protein/carbs/fat/alcohol.

They do have a website and you should be able to find it easily with the software name.