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Nutrician - Help a beginner

O.k i am 18 and by the sounds of it i am 225 pounds (if my conversion is right) or 16 stone as it is in the UK. I used to play football and rugby but since leaving high school(16) i have not done much sport. I ride to work and thats about your lot. I have weights at home which i use very rarely.

I am now looking for a change in my lifestyle both in exercising more, body building more and changing my eating habits. Now ideally i would like to lose weight however, i am not too fussy about that as long as i can change my fat - muscle ratio so i am not such a lazy fat bastard and more or a lean mean machine. Any information into what carbs are in and what has good proteins what i definatly shouldn’t/should eat etc would be really helpful.
oh and if anyone can give me info on the right supplements (preferably available in UK) then i would appreciate it. If they not in uk are they available via mail order.
Thanks in advance

I’m not sure where to start. You are going to have to do a lot of reading. Start with the old Dawg School artilces, Foods that make you look good nekid, Diet Manifesto, Massive Eating and go from there. Also check out the recent article on Escalating Density Training by Charles Staley. It is very simple yet effective and might be perfect for a home gym set up. Finally, you will have to become familiar with reading labels to figure out what has protein, carbs and fat in it. That’s a start, but you can easily learn by thumbing through these articles.

First of all get a book that is like a Nutritional Encyclopedia. I have one that lists over 40,000 foods (restaurant, fast, fresh, etc) and their nutrtional content (broken into columns of carbs, protein, sodium, potassium, fats, etc.). This one is by Dr. Art Ulene. VERY helpful. Another thing: eat less processed foods - MORE fresh foods. Learn to cook. Very essential when you want to get lean. Just learn to cook chicken, red meat, veggies, etc. BEFORE you begin investing in supplements, change your dietary habits. See what happens once you do that THEN consider supplements.