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Nut Training

Are you really training all of your muscle groups? Discuss.

OK…THIS thread is going to be epic!!!

“Iron Egg Skill”?! -LMAO I think this may be the one bodypart that I’m going to opt out of training.


You can tell he felt those last few kicks.

HAHAHAH, great timing on this video. My training partner was complaining yesterday about his balls hanging to low. And I suggested he do some work to tighten them up. No homo, we were just joking around before we started lifting. He said it was due to his age, he is 48. Now I can show him this awesome video for some training ideas.


^that dudes face after that super nut kick attack.

He’s gonna get hes nuts kicked back into his body!

Good times!

is that jdinatale on his first date ever?

Apparently, you CAN jump-kick the nads.