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Nut Swinging


This has become a serious problem here. It's pretty disgusting, to be honest. Do you people act this way in real life?

Also, if you have to ask yourself if you qualify as a nut swinger, you do.


Do you mean like when you are just standing around with nothing to do, and you move your hips back and forth so that your nuts swing back and forth? Yeah I do it cuz its fun, I thought like every guy did. Sometimes if my clothing is loose enough or when im naked I move side to side so that my dick slaps my thighs.


Haha! I left myself open for that one.


youre gonna love my nuts


Never heard of it.


Obviously, this is a great source of enjoyment. Honestly one of the perks of having a penis. It is like free PSP, except you can't really use it in public.

I like to bounce on one leg to get them unstuck from the opposite thigh, like when it's hot out, and I can't just reach down and adjust. If you do this correctly while you walk, you just kind of look funny, and cleverly disguise the shift of balls.


Thought this was gonna be a link to another Kai Green vid for a sec.


Anti-Nut swinging

This has become a huge problem here. Are YOU an anti-nutswinger? Hints that you just may be an ANS:

1: You make entire threads about other people's nuts and those who swing from them

2: You make random posts over and over if someone else so much as mentions any other poster along with a positive remark about them.

3: You care just a tad much about nuts and way too much about the opinions of others.

Random T-Nation poster: "Masonator, you are very strong and your development is impressive"
ANS sufferer: "Get off his NUTZ!!!"

Why the fuck do you care so much?


No comment


I don't know, man, I hope you don't consider valuing other people's opinions based on what they've achieved to be 'nut swinging'. I mean, what are we talking about when referencing 'nut swinging'?


That's the point...that is EXACTLY what they are talking about. It is also the same guys all of the time with the problem. I seriously doubt that if anyone was saying positive things about them that they would have the same problem with it.


Nut Swinging is natural.....


...and fun for kids!


2 points:

1.) The real-life swinging of nuts while standing is fun. I am not against this lol.

2.) Nut-swinging is not just giving a compliment. Nut-swinging is assuming that a person's assertations are right, simply because they are experienced, you like them, or they have been posting a while. It's regurgitating information without critical analysis just because an author/poster said it. Nevermind that the author/poster might be wrong.

The V-Diet/low carb lifestyle advocated here is a good example: it's a massive nutswinging off of Chris Shugart. People assume that he is right because he is a featured author, so nobody notices the fact that his physique is less than stellar and that his "awesome diet" is essentially a starvation diet.

Prof x: Do I enjoy compliments? Yes, everyone does.


I like to swing my nuts and then on the way back close my thighs so I have a mangina. Anyone else?


That's "fan-boyism"...not nut swinging. We've discussed that before. It is especially funny to get told that you are training wrong by some skinny newb all because he read something somewhere by insert author.


Masonator, you are very strong and your development is impressive


Get off his NUTZ!!!


The only part of nutswinging I don't like is when some retarded poster, who has like 100 posts in 2 years comes out of the woodworks to start defending Prof X's position in some internet debate, when in fact they really have no idea what the hell they are talking about, just to get on Prof X's good side.

If you haven't noticed, it doesn't work. Hell, I only chime into his arguments to mop the floor with him and he seems to like me just fine.


The problem with "nut swinging" and "fanboy-ism" is the fact that many of said nutswingers think that since they swing on some vet's nuts, they are allowed to talk down to and disrespect anyone who has an opinion which differs from the owner of the nuts upon which they swing.

Despite having no pictures of their own, nut swingers often swing around the forums acting like they own the damn place while they parrot off the expertise of someone else. They use the accomplishments of the nut-owner to justify their asshole behavior on the forums. Then you get a bunch of armchair quarterbacks who haven't done shit on their own but damn they can pull up any one of X's quotes or C_C's quotes when they feel like droppin' some knowledge bombs on someone who they wanna talk down to.

Pretty lame, yet amusing in a way.

EDIT: Actually the above can be said for many other traits as well - people who are friends with competitive powerlifters, people who have abnormally high post counts - guess it all comes down to some sort of popularity contest on here or something.