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Nut Freshness?

How long will nuts stay fresh in a resealable bag? Also, how do you tell when they are no good?

I buy the bags of walnuts, almonds, pecans(all without shells and usually made into smaller pieces)and don’t know if they are good for a few weeks or longer or maybe shorter.

I keep my nuts frsh by shaving them and getting a little talc powder going.


keep them in the fridge, stay forever. don’t get roasted nuts, they are already screwed.


Thanks for the info. How about if you can’t keep them in the fridge then how long do you have?

depends on a number of things. temperature/air moisture of where they’re stored, for one thing. also, some nuts are higher in monounsaturated oil (almonds and macadamias), which spoils slower. walnuts are higher in polyunsaturated fat, and often people buy the small pieces since they’re cheaper, but the whole nuts stay fresh longer (esp. if refrigerated). peanuts should also be stored in a dry place - they’re easily contaminated with a toxic mold.

I’ve often wondered the same thing. I will say that I have kept walnuts and almonds sealed in Surge containers for months in my cupboard with no problem. I would imagine if it is hot where you are storing them they might not last as long.

The actual nuts in shells keep for damn near ages.

for nuts that are high in poly’s you really should keep them in the fridge.