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Nut butter carbs

I was just wondering how many of you guys and girls out there count the carbs in nut butter, when adding up your carbs in a p-f meal. I know that JB reccomends staying below 10g active carbs, so how do the nice nut butter/cottage cheese combos fit into that scheme if the carbs are counted? Any input on the subject is greatly appreciated.

Count the carbs on everything man i dont know why you wouldnt

cottage cheese/nut butter combos ah yes i remember those haha but i’ve totally cut it out recently and my body is thanking me for it ever since taking jb’s <= 5 g fat on a p+C meal reccomendation

Thanks for the advice, I was considering using the cottage cheese in a p-f meal combo of it and some cashew butter, the toatl would come out to above ten, so I might opt not to, however I am currently getting 13g carbs with my GROW shake plus cashew butter last meal, and it has not bothered my physique one bit, so I am going to with that good ol saying " if it aint broke dont try to fix it"