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Nut Allergy, Snack Alternatives?

So i have developed a bit of a nut and seed allergy/sensitivity…only took till i was 26 to get one haha…anyways…nuts and seeds dont make up a large part of my diet. I had them as small snacks and not everyday. So cutting them out isnt a big deal…but i was wanting to ask that if you guys were in my situation, what would you use instead? I guess to a point i am asking for snack ideas…

Can’t go wrong with tater chips. Just kidding.

Depending on your situation you could use:
Dried fruit
Hard boiled eggs
Cheese cubes or string cheese
Tuna packets
Greek yogurt
Cottage cheese
Protein shakes or bars (plenty of recipes on how to make your own using oats and stuff like that)

That’s all I can think of right now.


Hemp hearts possibly


avocado and yogourt greek ( fat and prots )

what are your symptoms?

I’m also allergic to nuts but I can eat almonds since they are not nuts but seeds unline nuts that are legumes.