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Nurts in a jar please.

This dude made a buzzer that screams at you if you try to take a leak standing up. sold 1.6 million units.


That’s when you see how many times you have to piss on it to short it out.

What a crock of shit! That is nothing more than even further trying to take our manhood away. Fuck that men are supposed to piss standing and if ya miss all ya gotta do is wipe it up!

well, the ground outside my house doesn’t scream at me.

“Hello, what are you up to, then? Put the seat back down right away, you are definitely not to pee standing up … you will make a right mess…”

Okay, if someone installed that thing in MY house I’d throw it out of my life. If I met a women and that was in HER house, I’d wonder how many men she has pissing in her house and throw her out of my life.

Hmm, maybe if we change what it says…

Seat up:

“Whoa there big boy, what are you doing with that bad monster? Sheeit, look at the size of that thing…”

Seat down:

“Wow, you are one lucky lady to have that monster all to yourself… I hope you treat him right. Maybe you should go give him a BJ or something.”

Just do what I do… leave the seat down… takes more aim, but practice makes perfect.