Nursing A Pulled Groin.

Is there anything special I can do to speed up a pulled groin injury? Besides rest.

I hyper extended my groin muscle playing soccer and since I am in muai thay it makes it difficult for me to do anything.

I’ve been down for a week already.

Any sideways motion of the leg and any jumping or bouncing puts me in a lot of pain.

Join the club.

I’ve been struggling with a pulled adductor for 5 solid months. I pulled it while doing lunges – I thought I had been focusing too much on squats and it was time to do some single-leg work so that in the future I would avoid injury…

I did not think I tore it badly, but it is still problematic. It didn’t help that I continued to train hamstrings for several weeks. Adductors and hamstrings work together, so I wasn’t resting it.

According to several studies, adductor strains take an abnormally long time to heal. Google it and you’ll find rehab protocols and studies.

For the last month and a half I have been getting ART, with mixed results so far. Three steps ahead and two back, it seems.

Well I’ve pulled mine before right in the middle of football season, so I know where your coming from. I pushed through mine with painkillers and wrapping it tightly with a tensor bandage. But that just made the recovery that much longer. But outside of football I made sure to keep it rested and lots of ice on it. A week or two after it happened I started putting on some Rub-A535 its one of those warming creams. Other then that the best thing I did was to stretch it lightly. It will take lots of time to fully recover. Just keep at it and it will come back around.

I got the same injury and just starting on this training program: /

Like the others have stated, a groin pull/strain can take quite a while to heal. I’ve been recovering from a strain the last 4 months or so. So to answer your question, no, there really aren’t any shortcuts to the healing process.

Rule number one, if it hurts, don’t do it. I was stubborn and tried to continue squatting which just lengthened the recovery time. So stay away from any activity that causes your groin discomfort. Something that also helps is to freeze a small styrofoam cup of water, peel back some of the styrofoam, and massage the ice into the area for around 15 minutes. Try and do this 3-4 times a day. Other than that, you can take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen.

Good luck.

Don’t rush it. I had one not long ago and it took 6 months to fully recover. It probably would’ve taken half that except I tried to skate on it every time it started feeling better for a week or two. Bilateral lifts in the gym didn’t bother it too much though, fortunately.

This link is courtesy of EC. I saved it a while ago when he mentioned it to someone else.