Nurses Ignore WWII Vet As He Dies

Unbelievable disregard for a person in need.

The more I see this the more disgusted I get. I just don’t understand how people can be such shit.


I can’t begin to imagine how frightened that gentleman was before passing. Absolutely breaks my heart



I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of someone I love someday being in a nursing home. At all.

On a happier note, last month I got to help with the Library of Congress Veteran’s History Project. It was part of a young man’s Eagle Scout requirement. I got to interview a Vietnam Vet who served on the USS Decatur. I just finished watching the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary, so it was especially poignant for me. We had a WWII veteran in his 90s come in his WWII Navy uniform. He drove himself, and one of my students got to interview him about his war experiences. We ate lunch with them. It was such a great experience. I’m so proud of those kids.