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Nurmagomedov vs Holloway

So looks like Tony Ferguson has pulled out on six days notice with an injury. Really sucks probably would have been a great fight.

Holloway steps up to fill in for Ferguson. Will be a title fight still for 155 lbs strap.

My prediction is Khabib steam rolls right over Max Holloway. Max is a super sharp striker but Khabib is already really big for lightweight I don’t see how a featherweight can handle him.


How does a fighter get injured a week before a fight? That’s an unprofessional approach to training. Mma fighters are way behind other sports when it comes to training smart.

Said he was hurt during promotional event for UFC. Still, ridiculous to get hurt a week before the fight.

But how do you guys think Holloway stacks up?

If he dies, he dies.

Yeah. I am starting to think we may be underestimating Max Holloway a little bit. He is on a 12 fight win streak. He did decisively dismantle Aldo twice. Smoked Pettis before that. To be honest yeah its impressive being 25-0 but I definitely think Holloway has accumulated way more wins over much more accomplished fighters then Khabib. So now I am a little less certain how it turns out. By the way it seems Max Holloways camp reached out to Dana to try and see if they would turn the fight into a 170 catchweight non title fight. Seems Max got heavy.

Pro MMA Fighters cut a lot of weight, combine multiple, difficult to master, very physically demanding and dangerous disciplines. On top of that, they often perform questionable crosstraining.

Together, these three factors are a recipe for desaster. As long as this takes place, there’ll be no end of pull out mercantilism.

Speaking of which, say what you want about the “touch-butt dork”. But his class was relatively low impact (save for the ring work).