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Numerology - Just Your Name


This was kind of fun



Cool :open_mouth:


huh ... went into that thinking it was going to be a load a male cow fecal matter

Came out thinking that there was some accuracy in that. I'm impressed. Good find OG


It was interesting, I just didn't like the negative aspects! That whole rigid, narrow minded thing.


lol ... if the shoe fits?

My negative aspects said I was basically a push over ... which IS a load of cow dung, but I used to be so...


Wow, mine was dead on.


I've heard that these kinds of things are basically sweeping general statements. I believe Chris Angel illustrated this by putting on a mock tarot reading card thing where he read the exact same script to like 12 different people and every single one of them was like "OMG that's so me how did you know!?".


It was very accurate, IMO. Almost weird, wonder how that works because I don't believe my personality/attitudes/mannerisms/ect were set before I was born because of a word (my name). Are they just vague enough that anyone can relate to anyone's?


in some aspects dead on.


I don't think that stuff is accurate...it's easy for our minds to project ourselves into that stuff. I put in my name and was thinking..."creeepy this is pretty good", so I put my sister's name in as kind of a check.

That is not my sister at all. Very much the opposite actually. Like I said, it's easy to project yourself into those things.


It contains a lot of 'cold read' aspects (just google cold read and you'll get the idea). Cold Read is pretty fantastic stuff to use and is often used by pick-up artists with a lot of success.



I pretty much like this one though. I kinda believe in astrology lol


Out of all these things I've done, this one was the most accurate.

But it's still bullshit. Tell me how great I am and I'll agree with you every time.


I see how everyone can relate to the things he wrote, but on a weird note, I entered a friend's name whom I am a lot like and we had all the same numbers.

Edit: You really see the flaws in this thing if you enter a friend's name because you can look at that person a little more objectively.


Lol, word.


Mine was WAAAAAYYYYYY off, and I put in my buddies name and that one was even more off.

I've honestly come to expect a little more out of these cold-reading-machines, this one was way off the mark.

Does anyone honestly think that their name determines their personality? I mean seriously. Genetics? Environment? Social influences? Culture? None of these matter, its all in the letters of your name... Riiigggghhhhhhtttttt.


haha! That is me too. I love this kind of stuff though.

I like reading my horoscope in the morning while I drink my coffee. If it is good then of course it is true; if it is bad then of course it is wrong.

and mine, although broad and sweeping, did mention a lot of my good and bad characteristics.

But it was all in fun, a good party trick. Just like drunk fortune cookie games.


mine was totally off.

mainly this portion:

You dream of success in the business or political world, of power and control of large material endeavors. You crave authority and recognition of executive skills. Your secret self may have very strong desire to become an entrepreneur

i dont want to be an entrepeneur or politician


Live it's just YOU fella =)
you are completely abnormal

and isn't a pimp kind of like an entrepeneur? although that might be TribunalDude


Mine was quite accurate. Creepy.