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Numbness/Tingling with Pumps

Whenever I get a pump or do any upper body work my hands and forearms are numb and tingly for about 15-20 minutes. Haven’t had any problems and doesn’t seem like a big concern for me. Same thing happens to my lower legs (below knees) if and only if my hammies get really pumped. For my upper body it will happens with any sort of pump big or small.

Also occasionally my right upper trap and partial middle trap will go 85% numb or so (not much tingling) after upper days. This one is random but my forearms and hands are 100% gaurenteed if it’s upper body day.

I don’t have any known nerve damage, I’m big but not huge, 6’2" 225LBS 16% body fat 19 years old. Have partial torn labrum a in both shoulder but I’ve had this numbness/ tingling since before those injuries.

Does this happen to anybody else or sound normal from pumps? I haven’t had any pain from any of it but if they get worse I’ll see my ortho doc.

It’s worse if you don’t feel pain and only numbness.

Sounds like subluxation to me. Judging by how you already have partially torn labrums in both your shoulders, I’m gonna assume your lifting style is to blame.

See a chiro and get your spine checked.