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Numbness/Tingling Sensation


For the past year I've experienced a tingling sensation in my upper back near my spine. It's located right between my shoulder blades on what feels like my spinal erectors. I'm not sure if I have a pinched nerve or what but it's really starting to worry me because I'm also experiencing some numbness in my middle and ring finger on my right hand. I visited the chiropractor a few times last year but that did absolutely nothing for my symptoms. Anyone else experience something similar. Will it ever go away.


do you notice it consistently through your training week? or is it worse as inflammation from stress sets in?


Normally, if I'm lying down I don't feel it but when I get up and start walking around it comes back. It usually feels the worst right after a long day at work.


what about injuries to that area?


If the chiropractor didn't help, I would suggest a neurosurgeon. I would for sure get it checked out before something major happens.


I had the exact same thing. It was a tad lower than my shoulder blades, but the numbness and tingling are spot-on descriptions. I started feeling it after a week in the field with body armour on. I ignored it, and it went away after a few weeks.