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Numbness/Pain in Arm

Mom is experiencing pain in her right arm, starting from upper arm down into her hands. Earlier, her arm was going numb. She also says it’s hard for her to move it. There are no other symptoms.

She spent the night at the hospital, getting blood work and an ultra sound to try and figure out what was wrong. They first thought it was a blood clot so they gave her medicine through an IV to thin her blood. Then the tests came back saying there was no clot. So they sent her home and she’s supposed to go back tomorrow morning.

She is a smoker, slightly overweight, and has poor dietary habits.

I’ve spent the entire evening worried about her. If anybody has any idea what could be wrong, please let me know.

Thanks guys.

Carter, could easily be a problem with her neck. I have heard of this type of pain associated with a neck complication. Don’t worry, most of the bad stuff has already been ruled out. Your concern for your mom is inspiring.
Don’t worry. This is probably no where as serious as you are thinking.

Get her to a chiropractor to see if it’s something like that. Get her a massage, too. I find that my problems like that are usually structural or muscular.

I agree with the chiropractor idea. Better yet, if you can find an ART practitioner, try that. I’ve had arm pain and carpal tunnel-like symptoms, and it turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck.

Thanks guys. It was scary for me because the first thing I think of is possibly a stroke or heart attack.

She came home last night after they concluded that it wasn’t a blood clot. I took her back to the hospital today because the arm was still the same. They took more blood work and said she had elevated “CK enzyme” levels in her blood. The doctor said it was possibly due to exercise. They’ve decided to keep her over night to get this under control.

I googled “CK enzyme” and I’m thinking it’s creatine kinase. From what I gather, pain usually peaks at around 24 hours after injury, which is pretty consistent with her symptoms. If anyone knows anything more about it, I’d greatly appreciate it.