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Numbness on Right Side and Lower Body Weakness

Hello and thanks in advance. About two weeks ago, I was working out at the gym. I was working on a new program and doing deadlifts then the leg press. Using deep rom since I’ve had a slight nagging left knee pain that has kept me from squatting w/o slight pain. The past two 12 days since I have right side numbness and my legs feel like jello and joint pain in lower body. It feels like I’m going to fall over ad my walking gait feels bizarre.

I have noticed that lately, I have been getting weaker and at a training stall. I am 42, 5’6" 160 pounds. 5 years ago I weighed 305 pounds and have maintained 160 throughout that time. Lately, though I feel like I’m always hungry and training is a challenge. Training is 3 days a week full body, and I feel like i have been cutting forever. Any help would be great. I will be seeing my pcp this week, but advice would be good.