Numbness/Loss of Motor Control a Few Days After Working Out

Am 21 years old…last week after working out I started to feel a numb sensation (loss of temperature feeling) on my right leg, which started spreading up to my right breast and then my other left side knee joint has started to fail me and I can’t really control my palms which is causing me to limp while walking.

My appointment with the neurologist is still next month…till then, has anybody experienced this to know what happened? Or what can I do to get myself to recover faster and stop freaking out?

This all sounds like urgent care/emergency room-type stuff, not “I’ll just deal with it for a month”-type stuff.

Best case scenario, during the workout you pinched or inflamed a nerve somewhere upstream that’s causing the problems all over.

Based on the symptoms you described, you absolutely should be freaking out.

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Go to the emergency room

These are all “red flag” symptoms. Absolutely go to the ER.

Thanks …… My Appointment was rescheduled to early next month at my region here.
Any Idea on how to keep things calm till then?

No. You should not remain calm. You should not wait for your appointment. You should go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room today.

The fact that this happened last week and you’ve been walking around, or trying to walk, like this is crazy.

I said best case scenario before. Worst case scenario, you had a TIA or mini-stroke that’s getting worse by the minute.

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Thank you Guys, I’m fully healed now.

Good to hear! What was your symtoms all about?