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Numbness In The Arm

I am on a Test only cycle of 750mg/wk. (375X2) Also on A-dex at .5mg EOD. Strength and size gains have been excellent. About 8 wks into a 14 week cycle I am experiencing numbness every morning when I wake up. Usually in the fingertips and forearms. It comes and goes for an hour or two.

I’m 44 but pre cycle physical was good and lipid profile excellent. Wondering if the cycle is contributing to this as my body adjusts to it?

Any thoughts or exeperience with this?

I have a problem with this as well. But instead of the morning numbness - I can’t hold the cell phone up to my ear for more than a couple of minutes before my fingers go to sleep.

It doesn’t happen when I am off, or cruising.

I have no idea what causes the numbness.

Is it like when any of your extremities “fall asleep?” If so then I have experienced this as well. I was mainly contributing it to sleeping funny and maybe compressing some nerves. But maybe theres something else to it if others are experiencing it.

Ive had this too. It was only in my right hand… I thought it was from playing Xbox with the vibrating controller… I was also on 750mgs of Test and Dbol at the time… it went away though.

Happens to me too.

I know that since I am larger now I can’t sleep with my elbows at less than a 90° angle or else my hands fall asleep. If I’m on something that increases muscle volume or water retention then I have to keep my arms almost straight.

I’ve also got to sleep with a pillow between my legs if I’m on my side or my legs fall asleep. Try straightening out your arms, or wrists, when you sleep.

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Im running some test right now. my hands and fingers are numb when I wake up. its been going on for about 2 weeks.

i’m just starting to taper off my test/mast cycle. i’ve had numbness in my right hand for about the past three weeks. it goes away quickly, but it’s weird.

Same problem here. When I sleep on my side the arm that is against the bed falls asleep. I am not on cycle currently, but only 2 weeks off cycle and still the same problem.

The consensus I have read is that it is a pinched nerve.

I’m thinking it is a pinched nerve also. Most likely the body accomadating new muscle that grew a little faster then it is used to. My hands and fingers aren’t cold which would indicate a circulation issue.

I Also get Numb Limbs/Hands when I wake up or the day after a heavy session in the gym.

Doesn’t reaaly make a difference where i’m “on” or not! I wear wrist wraps when doing most uppper body work and it seems to help alot…CTS?..maybe…

happens to me too

I get it also but am taking only 200mg test cyp week, but am taking IGF-1 and befor that GH. I think the IGF-1 and GH brings on carpal tunnel and I attribute that to the numbness.