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Numbness in Left Arm Tricep

This injury has kept me out of the gym now for a month and it’s really beginning to get to me , not training. Over the past year I have lost seventy five pounds through dieting and Exercise and for me to lose momentum now is really killing me. The odd thing about the injury is I hadn’t trained tri’s or chest in a couple of days but my left lower tri is where I have been affected.

I did biceps the day of I hurt myself, when I had gotten home I put my left hand in the counter to balance myself as I leaned over. Well once I had pressure on it I immediately shrieked like a little girl and my arm gave out. I had never hurt myself like this so decided to give it a ciuple days to see if it got better. It did gradually improve, the numb area began to decrease and i was able to put pressure on my arm. The weirs thing also is the pain felt seemes to stratxh from my arm pit down and i wiuld feel pain at really odd times.

Stetching, putting on deoderant, drying off after the shower, but picking things up was ok.
Now initially the numbness in the back of my arm covered my entire tricep area but has now diminished to just above my elbow. After a week I did finally decide to go to the doctor to see what was going on. He seemed sure the was no damage to any ligaments but there may have been some nerve damage and the feeling should come back to the area over time.

Well it has been a month since I did this. I’m apprehensive about going back to the gym because the area is still numb and I don’t want to aggravate it anymore but this is driving me crazy not going. I was able to start running again last week (yes I wasn’t even able to run, every time my foot would hit the pavement the force of the shock would shoot pain down my arm) but this is NOT enough.

Any body have any advice!!!

I’m sorry to hear about your problem. It sounds a lot like a pinched nerve to me. Perhaps, c6-c7 with some indications of radiculopathy. Does the pain/numbness go down into your long fingers at all? Did your doc order an MRI or any diagnostic tests, what were the results? I would still take it easy at this point. You mentioned you started running again, that is a very good start. Perhaps maybe get on the elliptical machine some would help as well, light rows, resistance bands could all be beneficial. just nothing overhead at this point and please do not go heavy until you know more about this issue or it resolves.

somethings pinched. Get your neck and upper ribs looked at for where its pinching. I dealt with the same shit only it wasnt painful it was a mechanical nerve so i lost all strength and function. Look for cardio where youre looking up not down, such as running not biking. Do rows, pull aparats, i would try pushups but go easy. You need to locate the actual area and make sure it doesnt happen again though as that can lead to permenant damage