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Numbness and Pain in Arms and Hands


My arms and hands continue to, what feels like fall asleep, anytime I use them. No matter if its holding my children, writing something down, or even driving my hands go numb and they begin burn. It seems like everytime I begin to bulk and and really hit the weights hard this happens. As soon as I start to get bigger and my lifts go up, my arms begin to do this. It helps it if I rub my lower tricep, right above and in the rear of my elbow. If this does not work, I have to stand up and shake my arms out. If I do not fix the problem when it starts it becomes very painful and uncomfortable. It happens a lot durring the night while sleeping as well. It will wake me up multiple times during the night from the pain. It gets so bad I can not even close my hands or lay down. This has been happening for about three of four years off and on. If I stop lifting the symptoms go away. Does anyone have or has anyone had these symptoms? If so what ca I do to fix them problem or stop this from happening? I dont want to stop in the middle of this bulking cycle, as I have four weeks left and I very close to my goal. Is there anything I can do to help these symptoms?


I sometimes wake up during the night with numbness in my last two fingers, on either hand. My father, a medical professional, says it could be a pinched nerve... it comes and goes like yours. What I find makes it go away most quickly is holding the affected hand towards the ceiling.

I have thought about seeing a chiropractor to chase down the pinched nerve theory. Have you seen one?

When I do mobility drills (especially arm rotation front & reverse, 50x each) once a day it happens less often.


honestly it seems the higher the arm the worse it gets. I have not seen a chiropractor yet. This is something I have been thinking about, but not sure if it is the way to go. I will try the mobility drills too. THnaks for the input.


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BBB, He did mention the ulnar nerve; what does it mean for a bony structure to approximate? I'm not familiar with that concept. I have added about 25 lbs since August, would you say it's not anything I need to worry too much about?


This is not in your ulnar nerve, this is in your mid back. BBB is right, you need to see a specialist ASAP. If you have the right insurance I'd cut the bullshit and see a neurosurgeon. If you have to get a referral then do it; this is not going away.
Depending on the type of damage you may or may not need surgery. If surgery cannot help you, that is actually a worse situation as you will are relegated to a life time of pain management.

BBB knows what he's talking about, don't fuck around. Waiting as long as you have already has already eliminated potential treatments already.

BBB is a specialist, I am just a victim of a similar fate.


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Thanks for the input. I just found it weird that it only comes on as I gain muscle mass or begin to use my shoulders a lot. Infact while serving on the local swat team, we trained with some SF guys for three week. In the third week, after holding my m4 at the low ready so long for so many times, my hands would go so numb it was hard to feel the trigger.

I went home and after about three weeks it began to go away. So just to be sure you think I should go get checked out? And there is nothing I can do on my side to fix this? If I go see someone, what or who should I see? I am not super comfortable around medical stuff.


Thoracic outlet syndrome can also be caused by compression of the nerve by the scalene muscles or pec minor. This might explain why bulking and heavy shoulder/carrying work might aggravate things. These issues can be dealt with by a knowledgeable massage therapist (vet them first! many massage therapists don't know their arse from their elbow, but the good ones will do magic). This said, you should obviously also check for herniated cervical discs, stenosis etc, as this is serious business.


I got mixed up, yup. I need to talk to you for real though. I'll PM, but I need a lifter's perspective, because I got some really bad news on my back lately.


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My first thought was thoracic outlet syndrome and not a cervical spine issue. That's just because the OP said he has issues when he gets bigger... not all the time. Either way, he needs to go somewhere for a real life assessment.


hello my man,I do not want to high jack,so I posted an ULNAR NERVE post in here...if u could take a look..thank you,and to anyone with any info,tips..