Numbers Good for a Powerlifting Comp??

I haven’t been able to find straight info about this.
But anyways, considering a powerlifting competition, wondering if the #'s are any good.

AGE: 23
BW: 155

BENCH: 205
SQUAT: 275
DL: 365

It depends on what you are going for. If it’s to capture a national record, no. But, if you are a hobbyist like most of us, yes. No one will ever give you crap about your numbers at a meet. If they do, you have truly met one of the very few dick-ish people in the sport (which is very rare). Powerlifting is about being the best that YOU can be, screw what everyone else thinks.

So, the question is, are you too much of a pussy-wimp to step on the platform and give it everything you’ve got?

Thanks for this info. And yes, screw every1 else. I used to be all worried about that shit but it only fucks up your training.

No problem. It’s a good feeling when everyone roots just as hard for a max squat effort of 300lbs as they do for a 700lb, when you are giving everything you’ve got. And I have yet see anyone root for someone to miss a lift. It’s all about the positive.

my first meet numbers were a 235 bench , 355 squat , 330 deadlift…all equipped .

raw numbers at the time were about 190 bench , 300 squat , 300 deads .

that was as a 43 YEAR OLD NOVICE .

I hear ya man. I was/am pretty nervous about my first meet (May 22). best lifts so far: 335x10 Deadlift, 280x8 squat, and 190x10 Bench. I’ve talked to the meet director which relieved some stress. I also went to a local meet which relieved a lot more stress. At the meet I was able to talk to some of the guys that compete and see what it was all about.

If you have a chance go to some local meets you should go. Don’t be shy while your there. Talk to people and maybe if your lucky you will meet some people that could help you train.

In powerlifting your only competitor is you man, your numbers are just fine

Just enter the meet.

Don’t worry about the numbers. Instead your goal should be 9 for 9, meaning you got all your lifts passed by the judges, regardless of the numbers.

You will have a good time.

+1 for what everyone else has said… nobody will ever be happy with their numbers, you just go and compete and work to do better at the next contest… go try it, you’ll have fun, you’ll learn a thing or two and come back ready to do better at the next one…

[quote]TexanBadAss wrote:
In powerlifting your only competitor is you man, your numbers are just fine[/quote]

Well said sir.