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Numbers Don't Show Problem, Feeling Symptoms. Should I Start TRT?

Hello. I am 23 years old for 2 years I have problems, symptoms of low t - for a long time I have been looking for help diagnosing myself, I have spent a lot of time on education on lifestyle and hormones. What surprised me, I did various tests many times, my total t was always in the upper limit and the rest of the results were normal; something did not suit me here, I had testosterone in the upper limit and I had problems with erection, libido, constant fatigue, mood swings? something was wrong. I also started to test the shbg level and it always came out in the high limit as well; usually always around 45 nmol (17-54) several times close to the border or above (55,52,46) - once I managed to slightly lower the shbg with boron then the shbg was 38 and testosterone 650 which in terms of free testosterone was around 13ng. From all my results, my maximum ft was 14ng - which seems very low, people wrote here that to feel good you need to be around 20ng and above my age. I have been to many doctors, they talked about a headache and prescribed viagra. I found a clinic in Europe who are willing to offer me a trt because of my symptoms. Before trt we tried hcg (1/3 injection of e3d) x2 ampoules, after a month testosterone was 870 (250-846) I felt better, I got up faster, I was better regenerated, the testicles increased their volume to what they were before the symptoms, erection improved - however, after the third injection I felt higher estradiol, I had to beat it because the nipples increased and the pressure jumped, 2 months later I tested tst and it was even more 891 (250-846) while shbg was 52 (17-54) my ft was about 14 ng. the doctor advised me to use proviron to break shbg - he recommended 25x2, but I take 12.5 ed because of the greater safety of suppression and I feel better, libido and erection are a plus. What do you think? should i start trt? I have tried everything - I exercise 4-5 times a week, I eat well, I try to sleep 8 hours a day. greetings

Your SHBG is pretty high given your age and will negatively impact your Free T and 13 ng/dL isn’t that great.

This pretty much confirms your issues are T related. The HCG is known to increase estrogen and water retention more than TRT would.

exactly. the same way I started now proviron supplementation with this name, as I wrote, I take a small dose of 1/2 tablet to keep more safety regarding hpta - after 4 days I feel a little better, energy returns, brainfog passes, erection improved, so yes as you write - the fault is on the shbg side. I can only probably count on a dose of 100mg e7d, I would also like to preserve my fertility due to my age.

You know typically the way fertility is dealt with is when wanting children adding HCG and FSH to your TRT protocol is done, or stopping TRT and going on a clomid protocol, then hopping back on TRT.

So while TRT can make you infertile, it’s mostly just temporary. Your SHBG as high as it is, I would take a closer look at your liver since that’s where it is produced.

Take Boron and lower your SHBG a bit. No you shouldnt start TRT.

I took bor, didn’t make the kind of difference in well-being proviron does at the moment, every aspect is a plus.

Boron is only intended for lowering SHBG, and not for anything else. The sense of well being comes from freeing up the bound Testosterone that is not being used. Proviron is a hormone. You should learn a lot more before getting on TRT, if you dont you’re going to be in a worse place. If you were actually not making any Test, then the answer would be clear. But you are a healthy young male. I think that no matter what you’re going to keep smacking down suggestions until you get the thumbs up on running gear. Well… at your age you should exhaust all of your options and be natty. The problem is high SHBG.

exactly as you’re saying; for 2 years I have tried almost everything. From supplements, through diet changes, training changes, gently losing weight - nothing was done, doctors put their hands apart, talking about a recipe for Viagra. this is funny now

what do you think I can do myself, my friend? the training is good, I eat well, today I am taking Proviron and I will be taking Boron 9mg again for the night. why am I stopping proviron? I noticed that my hair is starting to fall out, so there is no point in continuing it, although I feel very well after it.

The only solution is get on Test shots and HCG. As for hair loss, its going to happen to some more than others. Prepare to be on it for life. Plenty of kids that are on meds for life due to life threatening diseases out of their control. If you have truly exhausted all avenues, then go get a prescription.
Test shots will make you infertile, so you have to also take HCG to keep your balls from shutting down. Its a tough one for someone this young. Another option is to stop TRT after a year and see if your HPTA reboot and manage to give you better results than preTRT. Some men have had this experience.

has two questions. Are they here on the forum or has anyone met with people who are soldiers and trt? Is it something on the agenda or not?

---- what’s the deal with leg pumping during trt? I’m talking about keeping testosterone in the upper limit, something like 1200, do my legs pump more than, say, when I have testosterone at 900 but high shbg?

Like active military? From the forum it appears that US military does not allow TRT. I could be wrong

Absolutely no idea what this is

My dog is into leg humping but I try to discourage it. As for TRT and active duty, it has recently gotten harder. So you have to cycle and if you get deployed, it gets tough, so pellets are the better option.