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Numbers Bullsh*tters

We all have that buddy that tells wildly inflated numbers and stories about their physical abilities. Just wanted to get the opinion of other (and better lifters) on my buddies stories. Keep in mind these all took place while he was in his junior and senior years of high school.

  1. Started drinking whiskey at 14 and continued drink it in amounts that would make a sailors liver cringe
  2. 325lb bench press
  3. 450lb squat
  4. 525lb dead lift
  5. 3:57 mile time
  6. All while his diet was 90% rice and beans.

Feel free to give your opinion on these numbers and tell about some of the ridiculous numbers and stories people try to tell you.

Especially if he is big, other than the 4 min mile the numbers are not out of this world. He would likely be an an athlete that had been traning a number of years. If an athlete begins training early, many things are possible.

You’re allowed to inflate your lifts by 50lbs per decade :grin:

Who cares if he’s telling tall tales - that’s what people do. Are you going to call him out? Then what? Lol

Why do you care so much about someone else’s numbers? Unless he’s competing against you, it’s immaterial.

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I don’t know about the run time, but nothing else there sounds unrealistic. The lift numbers are pretty mediocre.

How much whiskey does it take to make a sailor’s liver cringe anyway?

Realistic if bench and squat are done with half rep and atrocious form and deadlift is a one time event hitched with a camels back

Run time can be overstated too, not sure what is the total distance is and too lazy to figure out what it is for a km.

IDK we had a handful of fellas that were hitting numbers in those areas in high school, no way they were cutting sub-4 minute miles though. That’s the hardest one to believe.

14 seconds off the world record, sure…

Mostly, I just chuckle to myself tbf when it comes to this kinda stuff. Kinda like the young fella who looked at some of the db’s on my floor & said: Is that all you lift, I said: No, that’s just a warm up. He then picked up one of the 12kg dbs up, did about 1 & a half reps and dropped it on the floor LMAO!

He also got beaten up for apparently selling herbs and spices as cannabis…twas classic! I almost feel a bit bad for the guy tbh.

I occasionally work the door at a local dive bar. If the customers are to be believed, I’m significantly weaker than a great many of them. 400 pound bench presses are quite common among men who apparently achieved this feat and then stayed as far away from a barbell as they could for however long it takes to completely lose the appearance of being a 400 pound bench presser. The lifts I can perform today pale in comparison to the lifts they could perform in the past. It is most humbling to hear these tales.

I’m also most fortunate that my customers do not wish to start trouble, because roughly one quarter of the adult males who walk past me feel the need to tell me about how they used to be bouncers at unnamed bars in distant locations, where Roadhouse was closer to documentary than fiction. The ones that didn’t were simply too deadly to be bouncers.

If tales of athletic feats are to be believed, I’m watching over a room full of deadly beasts each and every night, all of whom are much stronger than they appear, most of whom could death-punch me if I dared look them in the eye.


That ain’t nothin’, lemme tell you about my cousin!

One of my bros told a bunch us he rode a manatee.

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One day I hope to be this strong though



Goddammit, i’ll now have to dig up that badboy …

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Oh yeah? Well back in wrestling camp…

I tossed another kid so hard that he bounced off the ceiling and broke the mat!

I am the 5th Beatle.

What kind of bench numbers you putting up?

LOL! The ultimate irony is that the dude probably gave his real bench number but exaggerated his size.

I think a lot of peoples numbers are inflated.

I’m currently 201lb just under 12%bf… My max bench is like 205 for 5 maybe 6 if I pushed it…

People have been telling me that it’s hard to believe that I bench that little at that size, I think this is because people’s perceptions have gotten twisted from everyone inflating there numbers.

I mean I know my bench is weak as FUCK but its not like its unbelievably weak…
I guess some people naturally grow fast, some people naturally get strong fast ( or start out strong), and some lucky guys get both.

I do only train for size though and don’t really care about my lifts except for the obvious fact that lifting more = more hypertrophy

Oh, he’s here.

Have fun, guys.