Numbers and Total for a 17 YO Powerlifter

Squat: 365
Bench Press: 230
Deadlift: 430

Is this good for a 17 year old powerlifter who has been training for a year?

what Bodyweight and height

220 competition weight and 5’10, been training for about a year.

It doesn’t matter, it’s where it goes from here that matters. If you can add 10 lbs to every lift consistently every six or so months for the next two to three years, then you’re onto something.

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Good lifts keep doing what you doing, every once in awhile some one you’re age will come along and lift something crazy, dont let that distract you keep doing your thing, learning techniques is important now , like putting elbows into side on bench press and break out some knee wraps on squats . You will be surpassing the gym rats soon, some will help you, some of the jealous bitches will try to throw a wrench in your training . Find some old silver back at a power gym, who can lift way more than you , help you out, even if it is an hour drive once a week do it.

This. Not everyone gets to 1000 but getting to 1000 is a shiteload easier than getting to 1500.

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