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Numbers and Ages


Just curious, what weight should you be lifting at x age to finish in the top 3 in a competition.

For example, I'm 23 and weight 215. Benching 385, squating 405 and deadlifting 495. I consider myself a "powerbuilder" originally came in a bodybuilder but I have noticed my strength improving incredibly. So i might try a meet. I haven't really looked up any numbers, so i wanted some opinions from my iron brothers.

For my age and others seriously lifting I could imagine there are some strong kats out there. Post some ages and numbers, maybe your own. Maybe a meet you attending, who won first in your division?


you are thinking about this sport all wrong IMO. If you are in this for the long haul it should really just be about beating your past numbers in a meet. trust me, that's enough to worry about. besides, every meet is different. i've been to small meets with a bunch of really strong guys and then gone to huge meets where i didn't see but a few exceptional lifts. when i compete i don't even pay attention to what the othere competitors are doing. i might watch a lift here and there but i spend most of my time getting my guys ready for their lifts and mine.

also, now there are so many damn divisions in powerlifting that most of the time you might be the only one in your division... at the most you might have three unless it's a World or National comp.

So to answer you, if you enter and don't bomb out, you have a good chance of placing in the top three in most comps with pretty much any numbers.


Honored to have you reply hoss.

I personally try to beat PR's and constantly get get stronger. Your right, I should strictly devote my training to either powerlifting or bodybuilding. I'm a bodybuilder at heart so it's hard.

I look at training as improving and i look at comps. as winning. I use to wrestle in high school so for me to show up and think about it as improving is hard. I'm stuck in my ways. Alpha Male instinct i guess, haha.

Good luck btw, I check out your thread every now and then. Lot of good information.

  • Just for personal growth, do you think those numbers are adequate at my age to show up and compete? Even if it is for one meet?


your numbers are very good. you will definitely be competitive.

I know how it is to be competitive. I also wrestled through high school and into college. I also competed in bodybuilding through my teens and twenties. It was ALL about beating the guy next to you. As a result, the atmosphere in most bodybuilding shows is pretty tense. no one talks to anyone. everyone is giving the stink eye to everyone else. powerlifting is very different. for the most part it's very supportive. you will have no problem finding people to help you and give you advice. I totally understand your mindset because i was there. I'm sure if you get into powerlifting your mindset will change over time. At some point the little trophies on the shelf lose their importance and you start chasing bigger and bigger PR's.

either way, good luck. you have a very good base of strength already. get out there and compete. if you do, you will be well ahead of most people that are too afraid to take that step.


Awesome, i don't know many people in the sport of powerlifting, so I appreciate any insight or personal experience.

Haha, I long for those little trophies on my shelf man. I feel like i will never get tired of winning them.

Thanks for the luck, and the information. I'm gonna try to find a comp. somewhere in this area in the next few months. See where it takes me!

-Stay strong


If you are in North Carolina the 100% Raw Federation has a good presence there and the USAPL is generally everywhere, although just about any meet with any fed should be fun. For a first meet I would say your bench is very good and your squat and deadlift are medium good, certainly competitive; you don't have to worry about not feeling like you belong or anything like that. I don't know anybody that really "regrets" doing a meet that didn't bomb out of their first one, and many get hooked for a long time. Just make sure you know the rules if you do compete. If you have any questions let me know and I will try to help you out. Have fun with it.


What area of NC are you in Mike?


Check up on PowerliftingWatch.com for a list of upcoming meets. Just put in the month you would like to compete and then hit enter. It will give you many options in many different federations (can we just get along and get ONE federation, please ?) to compete in. Good luck and lift STRONG(ER) !


I'm at the top of NC right on the virginia border. I would give out the name, but it's the web and personal info. doesn't mesh on the web.

Thanks for the info. everyone.

I will stay in contact Tim in case i do run across a question or 2.


I'm in VA. I'll be throwing meets for the SPF this coming summer.


Sounds good, just depends on how far in virginia you are. I don't see myself traveling more than a hour or so for my first couple of meets.