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Number of Test Prop Cycles/Yr?

Hi guys,

I’m almost at the end of my 3th cycle of Test E 750mg/w and 60mg dbol (4 weeks on, 4 off, 4 on) ED (+ HCG last month till PCT, PCT Nolva, Adex 0,5mg EOD through out cycle).

The main issue is that I have sleep apnea. I did a test in a sleeping centre in a hospital and I turns out I’m having it badly. They gave me a CPAP device.

After these cycles i’ve went from 216 to 242 lbs (15% BF) for 6 foot tall. Recently my apnea got worse so they needed to adjust my CPAP pressure…

This is a real party pooper for me… I’m 32, been working out for 11 years straight and working out is my life. As most of us here, I just want to get bigger and bigger, but getting a good night sleep is just as vital for growth and health.

So I’m done with the bulking cycles and will concentrate more on a dense look and lesser BF.

For the future I want to use Test Prop only for 8 weeks (100mg EOD), HCG from day one etc (3x250iu).

At my age, is it safe to cycle 2 month on and 2 months off with Test Prop only combined with HCG and Nolva PCT?

Will it affect my HTPA for the rest of my future life or will the HCG prevent me for getting on TRT after some years of doing this?

As for your enanthate cycles, you haven’t been off for four weeks, more like two. 750mgs in weeks three and four is going to leave a fair amount in your system for another week or two, enough to supress your HPTA.

Will 8 on 8 off prop cycles fuck you up? Noone can answer that, but using hcg and nolvadex or clomid should help restore and maintaine your HPTA. Probably not a bad idea to add some suplements to help boost your natural T when off.

Also 100mgs eod of prop = 350mgs per week. Pretty low dose. If you are going to be on, you might as well make the most of it and bump it up.

Thx for the reply.

I forgot to add that my diet will be more focused on cutting (high protein, carb cycling) and the Test Prop will be used for that purpose. The BF I carry right now is worsening my apnea. I need to cut down, but I don’t want to lose the hard earned muscles I worked for those 11 years.

You are right about the dosage. I should bump it to 150mg EOD.