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Number of Sets That Should Be Done?

Just as a general guideline, about how many working sets per body part do you guys do? Back, bi’s, tri’s, legs, shoulders, chest, and abs.

12-15 for me but everyone is different. Needs a little trial and error on your part

I do whatever the program I’m on tells me to. Pick a program from a real coach and follow it as long as it gets you results. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Currently anywhere from zero to 18 total weekly sets depending on the body part. Like, zero for abs and triceps, 3 for biceps, 6-7 for shoulders, 8 for chest, around 10 for pulls plus 8 for “back”, around 12 for legs.

As a “general guideline”, the number of sets is absolutely dependent on the training goal and the reps performed per set. A ton of articles explain more. This is one from Thibaudeau and here’s one from Waterbury.