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Number of Rest Days Per Week


how many rest days do you need in a week? is one rest day enough or is 2 better? also is it okay to workout 4 days straight doing different muscle groups? for example
monday=chest & back
tues= abs & cardio
wednesday= shoulders & traps
thursday= bicep & tricep
then rest
is this okay or is 4 days straight too much?


[quote]sithlord300 wrote:
how many rest days do you need in a week? is one rest day enough or is 2 better?

Thats entirely up to you and your training. Some weeks I need one, some I need two. If you can get a solid workout in, then go to the gym. Don't take rest days because you're supposed to, take them because you need them.


Number of rest days is one of those things that is going to vary based on what you do in terms of numbers of sets, rep ranges, whether you often go to failure, what your diet is like, and it also just depends on you personally.

I think most people train between 4-6 days per week. If you do lots of volume and often train to failure, you'll probably want to be on the lower end of that scale. If you do a small number of sets each session, and stop short of failure, you may benefit from being on the higher end.

But really, most importantly, its about getting to know your body well enough to know what works for you, and understanding the importance of rest. Some people get to this point more quickly than others.

I wouldn't do shoulders and triceps on consecutive days.


where are legs? could put these in between shoulders and arm days.

no way to know without trying, and seeing if anything isnt recovering quickly enough for its secondary use in other workouts


lol, good catch. Guess I didn't read it closely enough. Alot of beginners make the mistake of not training legs, most of them probably just have to learn the hard way.


Yeah, replace "cardio and abs" with a good quad/ham/calve workout. Don't take off days at all if you can, take one if you need one. Whether it be 2 weeks straight until you want one or once every few days. Being a beginner your not using heavy enough weight to really exhaust your body enough to need a rest day. Just make sure you eating enough day to day and getting a lot of sleep.


As few as you can get away with while still making progress.


True, he can most likely get away with very little rest while he's a beginner. But if and when he advances beyond the beginner level he'll have to remember to reevaluate things that have worked for him in the past.