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Number 1 Accessory to Help with your Bench..


If I had to take a poll what you say?

Im thinking close grip bench..

  1. Only girls and gays take poles.

  2. Floor press.


^ fixed


Depends on where you struggle.


band pull aparts


if i would say my bench, facepulls and rolling tricep extensions. but thats for my bench, not some one elses.


Since this threads been made..whats your guys favorite exercise for the bottom portion of your bench? If it get stuck, its always right off my chest.


JM Presses and Heavy Rowing.

And 30minutes of intense flexing at the end of each workout.


For me, since my bench is so shitty, I've been working on getting everything stronger. Tons of triceps, dumbbell work, lats, upper back. Shirt work has seemed to help my lockout a bunch so now I'm working on hopefully bringing up the lower portion with heavy dumbbell pressing.

As far as 1 accessory, I'd say get bigger. My theory is, I'm not going to bench 400 at 200 BW with 16" arms (I'm about 6' tall), so while I'm doing everything I can to get stronger, I'm also working on getting bigger.


i love your answer




... with a tire.


Strict Presses. Heavy Rows.


Was this an intentional typo? I enjoyed it, regardless.


i find getting stronger helps. as well as more speed work.

if there is an exercise you want, try using bands and chains so its lighter at the bottom.

and i am not trying to be an ass.


Overhead press. Also, Jim Wendler has a good article for the 5 simplest ways to increase your bench




OP had typed "if you had to take a pole" He edited it after blacks post.


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3 count pauses x3-5 reps.


I agree with close-grip, but also pauses and JM press.