Numb Lips on Low Carbs?

Has anyone ever had numb lips and and general weakness and light-headnedness while low-carb dieting? I was doing Thib’s ketogenic diet prior to an injury. Got really shredded. Was out of the gym for about 1 month with an injury [abdominal hernia] Was pretty decent with the diet. Not amazing. Gained a bit of fat. Went back to the ketogenic diet once I was able to train again. Quickly lost the bit of fat I had gained while I was out of comission.

Now, I’ve started gradually bumping up calories and carbs. Working my way back to maintenance and then gaining. But taking it slow. I’m still quite low carb but no longer in ketosis. Probably just over what I need to dip into ketosis. I’ve done low-carb non-ketogenic diets before and never experienced this. It basically happens a few hours after training. I take a post-workout shake of BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, and phosphatidyl and a bit of whey isolate. Then I eat shortly after. I’m not really experiencing these on off-days or cardio days. Suggestions?

I’m considering adding carbs back to my post-workout meal. I was going to do this anyone soon enough. My plan was to take add a serving of Surge back next week, 1/2 during the workout and 1/2 after the workout one day. Another day carb meal after the workout but no Surge. Still low-carb the other days. Then progressively add carbs each week. But I’m thinking instead now of having carbs with my first post-workot meal and no Surge. And then adding Surge back in during and immediately PWO the following weel. Thoughts?

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General weakness and light-headedness - yes. Numb lips - no. Not sure what would be causing your numb lips. Numbness is generally a result of a restricted bloodflow, but I can’t see what would be restricting bloodflow to your lips?

Regarding PWO- I’ve never had good luck with Surge using it any other time than immediately following a workout. If I drink 1/2 before I feel lethargic during the entire workout. I can’t say I’ve had good luck with drinking it during either, but I haven’t tried that more than a couple times. I prefer water during and Surge after.

I love using Surge pre, during, and after when not low-carbing it. I get great gains with this protocol. As far as the numb lips go, some reading suggests low blood sugar is a culprit. I’m definitely going to be bumping up the carbs around the workout quicker than I expected. I really don’t expect it to lead to fat gain.

[quote]eengrms76 wrote:
Numbness is generally a result of a restricted bloodflow, but I can’t see what would be restricting bloodflow to your lips?


Uh OH, I wouldn’t go there with that question!