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Numb Hands During High Rep Squats

In the past few months I’ve been experiencing numb hands during high rep squats (over 10 reps).

I’ve tried different hand positions to see if that helps. But it does not.
My theory is this is just part and parcel of high rep work. Sizable weight on the shoulders, possibly restricting blood flow, and working really hard. Means a lack of O2 to the extremities.

My questions are - does anyone get this? When should I worry. And aside from changing hand position is there anything else i can try?

Never heard of this being normal. Is the bar applying a lot of pressure into your hands? Are you gripping it super hard?

Precisely where are you numb? You say ‘hands,’ but do you literally mean the numbness is distributed like a glove, ie, starts just beyond the wrists and equally involves all aspects of the hands and digits? Or is the numbness distributed unevenly, eg, more in the pinky and ring fingers; more in the thumb, index and middle fingers; etc? Likewise, does it include any portion of your arms/forearms?

Also, at what point during the set does the numbness commence? Does it ramp up in intensity, ie, worsen through the course of the set? How long does it take to dissipate after you re-rack the weight?

Do you have a history of neck issues–injuries, surgeries, etc?

How is your shoulder flexibility?

Finally, do you squat high-bar, or low?

Not really.

Glad it’s just me though. Nothing like finding out you’re special…

It starts on my left hand side earlier and starts as pins and niddels at the little finger progressing through the tips into the palm. Then up the forearm. I’m normally getting a bit weirded out by now and VERY out of breath so I put it back before I faint.

I have had neck and shoulder issues. But on my right hand side.
Neck was muscular damage back in 2011.
Shoulder had decompression surgery in 2017. But it’s up to 99% health. Only really plays up during rugby IF I take heavy contact on that side.
No issues that have stopped me from training for the last 3 years.

Shoulder health otherwise very good. No aches or pains. Can behind the neck press and bench press with 0 issues.

Edit: weight is a factor but reps more. And its goes very quickly once the weight goes and I’m able to draw breath and rest a tad.

Squat is high bar. Which is why I thought it was just the pressure on the shoulder restricting blood flow.

I haven’t done high rep squats in over a year but remember this used to happen to me too.

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What you’re describing symptom-wise is pretty classic for impingement/compression involving C7 (Google C7 radiculopathy). Your history (rugby player; neck issues) is consistent with this as well. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also on the differential. I’ll leave it to you and your doc to decide whether a work-up is indicated at this time.

I’ve had this happen when I was doing 20 rep squats. Even on baby weight like 135-185. having it in high bar might be a factor. Also if you wear wrist wraps.

Shit - @guineapig I’m not special after all.

But that’s for chipping in gents. Its appreciated.

It’s ok ur special to me

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Thanks. Spinal compression is unlikely. I had an injury recently and thus had hours of physio poured into shoulder and neck. Structurally sound. Muscularly its a mess.
Carpal might work you know. I get wrist ache after bench. I might look into this.

You seem to have a very sound understanding man. Thanks for taking the time

Yeah, Carpal Tunnel. I’ve had a day of pain going up my arm from my left tumb and weakness I’m my thumb.

Not sure a trip to the doctors is a good idea at the moment. But I’ll start with some free online resources.