Numb Hands a Sign of High Hematocrit?

Started to experience pins and needs in my hands when I wake up or hold them above my chest.

Could this be a sign of high haematocrit?

I’ve cut out the AI around a month ago based on recent feedback and feel much better without it, so not sure if a higher e2 could be influencing this?

Current regime is 150mg Test E, 330iu HCG EOD

No I get that as well. Drink more fluids and for whatever reason it goes away. I had this when I started and my hct was 37 before trt and 45 during this episode. More oxygen in the blood is hematocrit. More oxygen should not cause these issues. If anything less oxygen .

What’s happening is probably a blood flow issue for us.

How’s your weight. I’ve had similar feelings when my weight jump and I was carrying more what weight.

How is your blood pressure?

Saying you have high hematocrit is vague, please define high by posting all labs. Your dosage is pretty high, perhaps you need less and this is just too much T.

I had a similar experience where my hands turned red when I put them on the floor and when I raised them above my chest, you can see the redness drain, this was excess red cells and it causing overstimulation, too much oxygen.

This seems to happen to me when RBC gets closer to 6.0 which is still in range.