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Numb Hand While Lifting


The past two times I've went to the gym, I've warmed up with some OH squats with just the bar. Seems like after I'm done stretching and warming up, my left hand goes numb. Even an hour later, its numb.

I take a multi, creatine, fish oil, and drink 1/3-1/2 Spike shooter before I go (not sure if any of those have any connection).

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced something like this, or if anyone knows what's going on/what to do if it happens again or how to avoid it.



Thought I'd add:

1st WO
Sumo High Pull
Incline DB Flies
Weighted Chins

2nd WO
Oly Grip Front Squat
Sumo Deadlifts from a defecit
Flat DB Bench
Hammer Strength Row Machine


If you're holding the weight overhead with your wrists flexed backwards you could be putting pressure on the heel of your hand and compressing the nerves.


No way for me to state this as fact, but I bet it's either in your shoulder or your back.


9 times out of 10, overhead movements causing numbness in the hand will be caused by pathology at the neck/shoulder (thoracic outlet/scalenes..usually). Tribulus has it bang on.


I have had the same thing and it is not an issue of the shoulder or back. I'm sure you are right handed. Which means your left hand is weaker and you tend to not grab the bar as tight in that hand. Gripping the bar loosely increases the pressure on the small joints in the hand that tend to compress together, which transfers more of the force to the joints in the wrist. Repeating this causes inflammation in the wrist joints, which compresses the nerves causing numbness.

So what I did was:
1) Take more fish oil and glucosamine
2) Switch to dumbbell work instead of barbell for all pushing exercises. (Dumbbells require more hand strength, which helps to keep the small wrist bones apart while lifting.)
3) Stretch your wrists after lifting
4) Use wrist wraps

Do this for a month or so and you should get relief, I did.


Gotta go with Trib on this one. It might very well be long nerve track impingement. Personally, I have had this in BOTH hands, and for me it's due to impingements where the nerve passes from the neck down through the shoulder girdle.

Is it the whole hand uniformly, or different sets of fingers?


I agree with Tiribulus on this one. Could be ulnar or median nerve getting trapped with your arm above your head.

Does your entire hand go numb or just pinky, ring and half of middle?


Entire hand..
I haven't used that as a warm up for the past few work outs so I have yet to re-create the feeling (or lack of).

I just really like it as a warm up though..
Just doing some really slow ATG reps sitting in the hole..


Yorik and Andrew Dixon both agree with me in one thread. Either world peace is next or I'm slippin =]


I've had numbness in my hands for almost two years now despite taking fish oil and other stuff. A massage therapist told me that it was happening because of the muscle mass in my upper back compressing on nerve "railways".

The last few months had gotten really bad and the numbness and tingling was becoming very annoying. I finally went to a chiro. After several visits I soon realized I was wasting my money. He finally admitted to the same diagnosis as stated above and that there was little he could. Popping my neck felt great but it wasn't doing anything for the hand numbness. He just gave me some stretches and exercises to do to loosen it up. I've done them and they have helped to a small degree.

The numbness never interfered with training and I had plenty of strength in my grips. Once training was done then the numbness and tingling would start and would be worse when I slept.

I guess I'll have to wait for the "magic cure" or just do what my doctor wants: stop training and only do aerobics!


I know, its pretty weird. Even though my hand is numb, I was still lifting harder and heavier.. grip not affected.

I actually went and did the OH squat warm up again today, but with a narrow grip and did not get the numb hand feeling.