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Numb-Feeling Lower Back and Sides

Hi, I’m not sure how to describe the sensation I’m getting on my lower back.

The way to describe it would be that when I’m wearing pants I don’t feel the compressive feeling at all, but when I take off my pants - it still feels like I’m wearing pants. I still feel a ‘ghost’ sensation of my lower back to sides (also lower abdomen) being compressed by an invisible elastic waist-band. It’s not a ‘pain’ at all - just a weird feeling.

I got this about 4 months ago. I think I got it when I was doing unweighted bodyweight pistols. But it was also the time I introduced rowing to my routine for the first time - so it could be chronically tight lats as well. Also I could have just woken up with it. Really don’t remember well now. Just so you know - I don’t do (and have never done) any form of squatting or deadlift because of a previous unstable SI joint.

I always ice and foam roll - but it won’t go away.

Anyone care to guess what it is and how I can get rid of it?

ghostbusters are the only way to get rid of ghost pants as far as I’m aware…

It’ll probably be linked to your SI joint. Strengthen them glutes!

Would a buldging disk produce these symptoms?

I’ve heard that with a bulging disk, spinal flexion results in pain, but spinal flexion for me feels great - gives a good stretch. Spinal extension also feels good. I’ve actually got no loss of mobility in the spine - the only thing wrong is this sensation of wearing an elastic waist-band even when I’m naked…?